Student Life

Who Is A Tiferet Student?

  • Serious about Torah Learning and Religious Growth
  • Wants to be challenged intellectually and inspired spiritually
  • Wants to learn in depth the sources behind what we do and why we do it 
  • Loves Doing Chesed and always looking for opportunities to help others
  • Aspires to make lifelong relationships
  • Loves meeting new people from all over the world
  • Refined Midot 
  • Derech Eretz and excellent Midot are a top priority
  • Not looking to be in the social scene on Ben Yehuda every night
  • Motivated to “get into it” from the very beginning
  • Studious and intent on making the most of their year in Israel
  • Warm and friendly personality 
  • Loves Israel 
  • Wants to learn how to learn on their own
  • Wants to be in an environment with girls that are serious about their year
  • Values close relationship with teachers 
  • Loves feeling at home
  • Wants to learn without the pressure of tests or exams
  • Wants to feel at home in her year in Israel


Tiferet is a religious Zionist institution that believes in Torah u’Mada.  We proudly celebrate Yom Haatzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim, believe that the State of Israel is Reishit Tzmichat Geulateinu and that every Jew should have Aliya as a life goal.  Our Hashkafa is guided by the teachings of Rav Soloveitchik and Rav Kook.

All of our classes are text based as we believe it critical for our students to see all of the sources being studied in the original text.  We then use the text as a springboard for deeper analysis, understanding and discussion on how to apply the text to our lives.  Tiferet’s educational philosophy is that Torah being learned without religious growth in both Bein Adam l’Makom and Bein Adam l’Chaveiro is like a flower in the desert.

In every Seder there are 4-5 different options and one of those options is an Honors class.   The Honors classes are for students whose learning skills are on a very high level and can understand the text or source sheets with little assistance.  There is a greater emphasis on skills and textual analysis and the pace is faster.

Every 10-14 days!  Whether it’s a day trip, Shabbaton or a three day overnight, Tiferet students see their Torah learning come to life while they explore Eretz Yisrael.  Tiferet even offers trips for students who stay in Israel for Pesach.  Tiferet has an optional trip to Poland in February.

There are 4-5 options in each slot

Tiferet students get to choose all of their classes.  Students are given ample time to try out all of the options and then make their choices.

There are over 75 classes to choose from!!

First and foremost, Tiferet accepts students whose Midot are consistent with our reputation of being extremely nice, wholesome, warm and friendly girls who are eager to do Chesed.  Tiferet students are highly motivated to learn, grow and take advantage of everything that the year in Israel has to offer. We are looking for students who will contribute to our warm, friendly, highly motivated and growth oriented culture. 

Tiferet students must wear skirts that hit below the knee, sleeves that pass the elbow and nothing low cut or very form fitting.  The dress code applies both inside and outside of school.

Yes!  You are always welcome to have guests stay in your apartment for Shabbat as long as there is a bed available and it’s not an “In-Shabbat”.  Tiferet is your home for the year – so why not have guests at your home?

We usually have up to 75 Shana Alef students and 15 Shana Bet students.

Typically, sixty percent of our students are from the Tri-State area.  Forty percent are from communities all over the world including Melbourne, London, Zurich, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Florida, LA, Memphis, Silver Spring, Boston, Detroit and many many more.

At Tiferet, you have all the benefits of being in a community while still spending lots of time in Yerushalayim.  In fact, our students spend as much time in Yerushalayim as any student taking their year seriously at a school in Yerushalayim: Monday evenings, Fridays, Saturday nights and vacations.  Additionally, our students have the option of doing their Chesed in Yerushalayim on Wednesday afternoons.  

It is approximately a 40 minute bus ride to Yerushalayim.  From some schools in Yerushalayim, it can take 20-30 minutes to get to popular locations in Yerushalayim due to city traffic.  The differences are not great but the benefit of being in same community as your teachers are!

Tiferet offers a free shuttle to Yerushalayim every Friday morning.  We also go to the Kotel for Netz every Rosh Chodesh.  Additionally, our curfew is at 12:30pm and at 1am on Saturday nights so that you don’t have to leave earlier than your friends at schools in Yerushalayim.  Finally, we rent an apartment in the Rova in the Old City for use by Tiferet students bi-monthly.

The vast majority of teachers and administrators in Israel do not live in Yerushalayim.  Therefore, in order for our school to have it’s uniquely warm environment, to always be open, to surround yourself with a homogeneous group of kind and motivated students, to have Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur and Purim Seuda in school with your teachers, the ability to have many Chavrutot with teachers, the ability to offer Chesed opportunities on an almost daily basis and to feel more than just a student but part of a larger family, we have to be located in the community in which our teachers live.

The best way to learn in Torah li’shma without the stress and pressure of tests.  Tiferet students are highly motivated to learn and don’t need tests to encourage them.  Also, similar to the boys’ Yeshivot who don’t have tests, we know our students extremely well so we have other means to gage a student’s academic success.  No need for tests.  We are a gold member of Stern College and fully accredited with Touro and Queens College.

It is true!  In honor of our 20th anniversary, Tiferet students will be able to spend Shabbat in the Rova in the apartment we will be renting bi-monthly.  

Tiferet offers lunch and dinner catered by Yeshivat Reishit with a salad bar at each meal.  We even provide dinner during vacation and Chagim for students who sign up for it.  On every Shabbat and Chag, students can be set up at their teachers for meals.

Tiferet has a doctor or PA visit our campus three times a week.  A staff member helps students navigate the medical system in Israel and book appointments.  This staff member is always available for students to ask health related questions or advice.  If a student is unwell on Shabbat or vacation, she will be checked on and cared for throughout her illness.

Consistently, the biggest complaint is that by choosing one class they are missing out on the other amazing classes!

A Vaad is an optional informal shmooze or sicha with a teacher either in their home or in school.  Vaads take place on Sunday and Wednesday evenings after Night Seder and are often attended by the majority of the student body.

A Rakezet is an informal teacher who meets with the same group of 12 students every Tuesday evening in her home.  She also meets once a week individually with each student in her group to check in on her and help her achieve her goals for her year.  

There are two Chabura slots.  In each slot, a student learns a Sefer in Hebrew with a small group with the goal of completing the Sefer by the end of the year.  This way, every Tiferet student completes at least two Sefarim in Hebrew by the end of the year.  

Just ask!  Tiferet’s teachers all live within walking distance of our campus and are happy to learn with students.  That is how our Beit Midrash is filled with students and teachers learning from morning to evening.  A Tiferet student has an average of 5 Chavrutas with teachers.  

There are so many options!  Many students use their break to learn with teachers or friends in the Beit Midrash.  Others go to the mall, play basketball, workout in our exercise room, do additional Chesed in the community and/or hang out with other Tiferet students in the student lounge, the beautiful Tiferet gardens, or in one of the many cafes in the neighborhood. 

Yes!  We offer an optional 5 day trip in February.  We do our own trip together with Tiferet staff members.  For those who chose to not join the Poland trip, we run an amazing 5 day program in Israel. 


Ramat Beit Shemesh (RBS) is a very popular destination for Olim including teachers and administrators of almost every Yeshiva and Seminary. They are attracted to its breathtaking views, large English speaking population and close proximity to Jerusalem.

Did You Know?

  • Tiferet offers a free Shuttle to Yerushalayim every Friday morning
  • Tiferet offers a free trip to the Kotel for Netz on Rosh Chodesh
  • Tiferet rents an apartment in the Old City for use by Tiferet students on limited Shabbatot
  • There is a shopping plaza with a supermarket, restaurant, salon, dry cleaner, pharmacy and stores within a 3 min walk from Tiferet
  • There is a mall, several shopping plazas and over 15 restaurants, cafes and coffee shops within a 10-15 min walk of TiferetBuses to Yerushalayim come every few minutes and take approximately, 45 minutes.
  • Getting to Mamilla or Ben Yehuda or the Kotel from TIferet takes close to the same time as from some Seminaries in Yerushalayim
  • The bus stop is a one minute walk from Tiferet
  • A train station is a 10 minute ride from Tiferet
  • The majority of RBS residents are native Israelis but approximately, one third are English speakers which makes it very comfortable for Tiferet students



ימלא ה' כל משאלותיכם לטובה!

Fashion: American Eagle, Nine West, Fox, Aldo, Footlocker, Magnolia


Grocery: Osher Ad, Carrefore, Supersol, Rami Levi, Yesh, Best Market


Beauty: Makeup by Hadassa, Laline, The Body Shop, iSpa Express, Yehudit’s Beauty Treatments, Devora Ranell’s Beauty and Aesthetics Center, Sara’s Nails, Care Laser, Electrolysis by Simcha, Optica Halperin


Pharmacy: Super Pharm, Arthur’s Pharmacy


Services: Bank Leumi, Bank HaPoalim, Post Office, Clean and Fresh Dry
Cleaning, Tzion Taxi and Van Services, e-Cellular, Cellcom, Dental offices


Misc: Ace, Office Depot, Smiley Gifts and Supplies, Sweets R Us, Michaela Florists, Judaica Center



Fitness: Gyms, Yoga Studio, Swimming Pool, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts,

Activities: Bowling, Ceramic Painting, Cookie and Cake Decorating

Museums and Galleries:
Biblical Museum of Natural History
Soreq Stalagmite and Stalactite Caves
Moshe Braun Fine Judaic Art Gallery

Hotels and Vacation Apartments:
Vilance Boutique Hotel and Spa
Beit Haela Hotel
Luz Guest Suite
Braun Guest Suite

Makeup by Hadassa, iSpa Express, Yehudit’s Beauty Treatments, Devora Ranell’s Beauty and Aesthetics Center, Sara’s Nails, Molad Laser Clinic, Care Laser, Electrolysis by Simcha